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Michel Py, Director of CIFRA, elected as new President of VFSE

Vinyl Films and Sheets is glad to announce the election by unanimous vote of Mychel Py, Director of CIFRA, as the new President of the association as of November 2022.

For the upcoming biennium, Mr. Py, already a member of the former EDEFA and current decoration Working Group, will lead the VFSE activities in representation and defense of the interests of the European suppliers of plastic sheets and foils.

Maintaining a sustainable future for the PVC films sector is our number one priority. As VFSE, we will focus on demonstrating the indispensability of PVC in many different applications and its circularity across all sectors that our association proudly represents,” said Mr. Py, reiterating the cross-sectorial importance of PVC in today’s society as well as the industry commitment to continue its strenuous work towards a fully circular future.


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