About VFSE

Vinyl Films and Sheets Europe is a newly formed European wide association that is regrouping three former EuPC groups dealing with plastic (PVC) films.

In 2016, discussions to merge existing EATS (European Automotive Trim Suppliers), EDEFA (European Decorative Foils Association) and EPFMA (European PVC Films Manufacturers Association) began. VFSE now represents all three associations within the EuPC structure.


A strong link with Vinyl Plus and Recovinyl on all PVC film recycling and communications activities is established, the three VFSE working groups Packaging, Automotive and Decoration build on former activities and work towards meeting the voluntary commitment targets set by industry towards 2020.


With this new set up,  the Vinyl Films and Sheet business in Europe has a strong platform and representation towards stakeholders to maintain a sustainable future for the PVC films sector.


Polymer Comply Europe (PCE) runs the association's administration and secures all VFSE members comply with EU Regulations such as REACH or FOOD Contact.


Stefano was unanimously voted President of VFSE in March 2022. He represents Gruppo Fabbri, the Italian excellence leader in the production of machines and films for food packaging.


"I strongly believe in the concept of corporate responsibility and in the harmonisation of the economic objectives with the need for preservation of the environmental, social and human heritage. Therefore, striving for circularity will continue to be one of the main priorities for VFSE.

Stefano Mele, VFSE President


VFSE's mission is to represent and defend the interests of the European suppliers of plastics sheets and foils by carrying out scientific and economic studies, initiating common action concerning environment and recycling issues and promoting international collaboration within the framework of the European Union. This is unfortunately a 

Membership conditions

To be a Member of VFSE, a company must have at least an operating facility in a country which is a Member State of the EU28 + Norway and Switzerland.

More information can be found on the VFSE Brochure. Please click on the pdf icon to download the brochure.

Our Partners

Federica Gallicchio, VFSE Secretary General