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A new LCA study confirms that PVC cling films preserve food and contribute to avoiding food waste, in line with the priorities and targets set by the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). This thanks to their environmental / physical / mechanical advantages that ensure a safe and sustainable packaging.

2019 VinylPlus Progress Report

May 07, 2019

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VinylPlus Factsheet about the Circular Economy

April 01, 2019

Leaflet demonstrating the contribution of VinylPlus to the circular economy, recent achievements and future targets A great leave behind when meeting policy makers.

NEW: PVC Recycling in Action

April 01, 2019

Leaflet showcasing Recovinyl, the main contributor to PVC recycling in Europe Recovinyl was set up by VinylPlus in 2003 Another great leave behind when meeting policy makers.

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