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Avery Dennison joins the Decoration Working Group of VFSE

Vynil Films and Sheets produly welcomes Avery Dennison as a new member as of September 2022.

Avery Dennison is a global materials science company specializing in the design and manufacture of a wide variety of self-adhesive, graphics, labelling, and functional materials.

During the course of 85 years of experience, they have created the blueprint for trailblazing innovation and regenerative industry practices that will define the future of manufacturing for this generation and the next.

Avery Dennison sets a great industry standard in vinyl graphic design and automotive wrap graphics worldwide. From architectural design to vehicle wraps and fleets, their graphic solutions promote creativity and deliver high performance.

Sustainability is a key value of Avery Dennison Corporation, with a strong focus on the long-term health of the business, planet, and communities.

Avery Dennison is making a material difference by sourcing responsibly, reducing their operational footprint, and incorporating an EcoDesign methodology for their product developments. Their main goal is to advance the sustainability commitment, by collaborating closely with key players across the value chain.


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