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EPFMA represents the major PVC cling film producers in Europe since 1976.


EPFMA’s main aim is to keep officials and consumers informed about the high safety standards of PVC cling film. EPFMA is very well placed to answer all questions on environmental and health issues concerning the use of PVC cling film.

PVC Cling Film



PVC cling film can tolerate very high temperatures.


PVC cling film has excellent breathing characteristics. 


The sealing characteristics, mechanical strength, optical qualities & resource efficiency of PVC cling film find    no equivalent in other materials on the market.


PVC cling film has an excellent cost-effectiveness balance.

  • Facts & Figures: F&F

  • Questions & Answers on PVC Cling Film: Q&A

  • Safety&Health: S&H

Responsible and pro-active production


  •  Quality Charter

  •  Voluntary Commitment from the PVC industry

  •  Transparency


Safe and efficient application


  •  Hygiene

  •  Migration

  •  No phthalates

  •  No heavy metal stabilisers

Sustainable development


Principles &



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